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Faster. Cheaper. Greener

* We are currently offering a spring promotion of 5 free moving boxes with every order. In order to claim your free moving boxes just specify in the 'notes' section on the billing page during the checkout that you wish to receive the promotion and we will add them to your order.

Welcome to Ezbins the #1 plastic moving boxes rental service in New York!
Going out and spending time and money buying non ecological moving supplies like cardboard boxes is a thing of the past. Ezbins offers a faster, cheaper and greener way to handle your moving needs by providing the largest selection of eco-friendly moving supplies at the lowest prices. Our plastic moving boxes and other supplies are rented for a starting period of two weeks, if you need more time your rental period will be extended with a discounted rate given from the third week and on.

Why Choose Us

  • Live customer support - Consult with our live sales reps to get all the answers to your questions in real time and let us help you find the best solution to your moving needs.
  • Ezbins are easily stackable and hold double the capacity of cardboard boxes - You will need less boxes therefore will require fewer trips and a smaller moving truck to transport all of your stuff.
  • Ezbins are water resistant and crush proof – You will never have to worry that your boxes get wet, crushed or the content falls through the bottom; provides greater protection for your belongings.

  • Save up to 35% off the cost of standard moving supplies - Cardboard boxes the size of our Ezbins cost on average $5 a box. Using Ezbins helps you save money today.
  • Free delivery and pick up of the Ezbins directly to your doorstep - With only a 24 hour required notice, we will save you the time and effort of having to go out and buy cardboard boxes and then disposing of them when you are done using them.
  • Ezbins are made from recycled plastic and are reusable – Using Ezbins is an eco friendly way to move because they generate zero waste. Once you are done with them we clean them and rent them out to the next customer.


I've had a great experience with this company. The idea for sturdy plastic boxes that you don't have to assemble, that stack easily and that you don't have to try to get rid of after the move is great in itself. But what makes these guys shine is their service: no-hassle, always helpful on the phone, efficient, cheerful and on time. I had a mixup with phone numbers: the guy came to my house to pick up empty boxes after the move and couldn't reach me. He actually stuck around for a hour trying to get in touch until we did connect and the boxes were successfully picked up. He was very gracious about it, too, although it was clearly my mistake.

In short: outstanding service; highly recommended!

Russ K.

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